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New Release: Uncaging the Silent Songbird by Ava Devlin

Looking for a thrilling, steamy romance with an exquisite HEA ending? Look no further! Uncaging the Silent Songbird by Ava Devlin is the latest installment in the Silver Leaf Seductions. The Silver Leaf Seductions take you on a journey between interconnected characters through several books.

While I love every single book Ava Devlin produces because of the sweet connections and steamy scenes, my favorite was definitely the novella that started it all, The Dreamer and the Debutante. .

I know, I know, it doesn't have a HAE... it has a "to be continued" ending, and The Hero and the Hellion is a full-length novel that completes the story the author begins in the novella. Trust me, you won't regret reading the novella and starting off the Somerton Scandals series properly. The Somerton Scandals series introduces the characters featured in the Silver Leaf Seductions series.

You can go to the author's website to download the novella for free when you subscribe to her mailing list.

Here is a link to Amazon to buy Uncaging the Silent Songbird.


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