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About the Editing Sweetheart

About Your Editor:
My name is Claudette Cruz.

I am fluent in both English and Spanish, have a bachelor's degree in English literature from the University of Puerto Rico, and have an editing certificate from the University of Chicago. I also complete professional  development courses yearly  to keep my skills sharp, stay up to date on publishing trends, and provide the best service I can.

I have been working as a copyeditor since 2012. Some of the genres I've worked with are fantasy, science fiction, romance, erotic romance, and memoirs. I am open to working on any fiction genre, although my favorites are fantasy, paranormal, science fiction, and crime thrillers. 
Excellence and Professionalism
 I have edited over 200 manuscripts and worked with dozens of authors, forming long-term professional relationships and resulting in satisfied clients. 

I have also worked for several publishing companies, including Fig Factor Media, Webtoon, and Extasy Books.

To protect my clients, I draw up a contract for each project. I am also willing to sign NDAs provided by clients. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Which type of documents do you work on?

I prefer working on Word documents so as to take advantage of the Track Changes feature and the PerfectIt add-on for basic cleanup, but I can also work on Google docs using the suggesting mode if the author promises to make no changes to the document until I'm finished with the editing stage.


How can I pay you?

I only accept payment through PayPal. PayPal accepts credit cards.

I usually ask for a 50% deposit up front, with the remaining balance to be paid upon completion of the edits. 

I can also work out payment plans depending on the client's needs.

Do you have social media?

I do! You can follow my Facebook page.

I post writing- and editing-related content, including resources, news, and memes; promotions; and last-minute booking opportunities when my regular clients need to postpone. 

Do you offer free sample edits?

I definitely do. I edit up to 1,000 words for free. The sample will help me determine the type of edit your manuscript will need (light, medium, or heavy) and allow me to accurately quote a price that's fair to us both.


How can I contact you?

Simply fill out the contact form on the main page, or email me at for any inquiries. I strive to respond to all emails within 24 hours. If I have not replied within a day, please follow up; the email could've accidentally gone to the Spam folder.

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Past Work

TL Swan

-Mr Masters

-The Bonus

Christina Baehr

-Wormwood Abbey

-Drake Hall

-Castle of the Winds

Brian Gates 

-Project Reinassance

-Augmented Reality Game

Paulina Ian-Kane

-Six (Angels of Wrath Book 2)

Kevin Moss

- The Realm: Discovery

- The Realm: Return 

- The Realm: Odyssey

Jeff Gunzel

- Land of Shadows

- Siege of Night

- Lost Empire

- Reborn

- The Trials of Ashbarn

- End of Days

- The Shadow

- A Rip in Time

- Of Blood and Blade

- A Rising Storm

- The Hunt

- Shattered Empire

Jason Tesar

- The Awakened: Book One

- The Awakened: Book Two

- The Awakened: Book Three

- The Awakened: Book Four

- The Awakened: Book Five

- Manifestation

- Inhabitation

Justin Swapp

- The Magic Shop

I.D. Blind

- Witch Hollow and the Wrong Spell

- Witch Hollow and the Fountain Riddle

- Witch Hollow and the Dryad Princess

- Witch Hollow and the Spider Mistress

Marius Adams

- A Mind of State

- The 2552 Summer Olympics

Ola Wegner

- Mafia

- Her Voice of Reason

-Reduced Circumstances

-August in Derbyshire

Victor González

- 1968 Azteca Insurgency

Khalid Hilali

- Seeking Justice

Charlotte English

- Black Mercury

JD Byrne

- The Water Road

- The Endless Hills

- Bay of Sins

- Gods of the Empire

- Heroes of the Empire

Zach Jenkins

- Game Changing Drive

- The Perfect Catch

Meredith Clarke

- For Bear or For Worse

Steve M.

- The Robespierre Uprising

- The Robespierre Utopia

- The Toleway Escape

- The Last Believer

- Earth 7

-Crime and Consequences

Kathleen McClure and L. Gene Brown

- The Gemini Hustle

Kathleen McClure and Kelley McKinnon

         - Soldier of Fortune

- Reversal of Fortune

- Outrageous Fortune

Lane Mason

-Agent Dark: Vegas

Dharma Kelleher

-Blood and Fire

Mike Ryan

-The Porter Complication

-The Porter Predicament

-The Porter Resolution

-The Porter Obstruction

-The Porter Dilemma

-The Porter Incident

Jonathan Paul Isaacs


-Escape Velocity

-Operation Sunburn

-Surface Tension

Robert Fleming

-The Empire's Folly

-War Wings

-The Talon's Fury

-Realms of Tomorrow

-Gods of Gunpowder

-The Fall of Erlon


-Empire of War

-The Shadow's Glare

L. C. Lowe

-Fall of the Pathfinder

-Sins of the Elite

Ingming Aberia

-Miracles of Quiapo

Skyla Gray

-The Nightmare's Kiss

A.W. Hartoin

-Dead Companions

-A Trunk, a Canoe, and all the Barbecue

-Old Friends and Fedoras

-So Long Gone

Claire Gager

- The Last Prophet: Guarding Sophia

Lauren Quick

- The Mayhem Sisters

- Fly by Midnight

R. Janvier DelValle

- Sword from the Sky I: Blade School of Daví

- Sword from the Sky II: The Endless Night

- The Valentine Circle

Frank Percacciante

- The Forgotten Hero

Ray Ayles

- Love's Promise is Forever

- The Cult of Asthamoth

Hannibal Adofo

- Soliloquy 

Ronnell Porter

- Dragonfly

Darrell King

- 3 Tymez Dirty: Chopp'd N' Skrewd 

Chris Osborn

- Building Dad: Journal of a New Father

David Van Zummeren

- Betrayed

Trudy Wassenaar

- An unusual job

- DNA doesn't lie

J Ellen Ross

- A Gift Freely Given

- As Dragons from Sleep

C.C. Ekeke

- Star Brigade: Odysseys - An Anthology

- Star Brigade: The Supremacy

- Star Brigade: Resurgent

- Star Brigade: Ascendant 

- Star Brigade: Maelstrom 

Harry Manners

- Ruin

Ella Adamian

- His Name is Killian

Lynda Belle

- Highlander Bride Taken: Scottish Erotic Tales #1

- Highlander Bride Seduction: Scottish Erotic Tales #2

- Highlander Bride Freedom: Scottish Erotic Tales #3

- Rockin' Him Fierce: Hot Groupies #3

- The Perfect Escort: On Call Series #1

- The Perfect Date: On Call Series #2

- Bordello of Vampire Pleasures 1

- Bordello of Vampire Pleasures 2

- Bordello of Vampire Pleasures 3

- For The Women of Rome: Roman Erotic Tale #1

- The Day I Met Her

- The Night I Met Him

- A Cat For Two

- I'll Be Home For Christmas

Jessica McCrory

        - The Phoenix

- The Fighter

- The Sorceress 

Pamela Sparkman

- A Monster Like Me 

Debbie Civil

- Escape

- Hidden

- Talented

- Tranquil

-Unexpected Engagement

-Captive Prince

-Captive Fate

-Brides of Portum Island: Presley

Marc Landau

- Turtle Cove

Bill Walker

- A Man Out of Time


- The Normandy Club

- D-Notice

Hans Joachim Palm

- Codename Hannibal

-In the Service of the CIA: Dirty Oil Deals

John Etterlee

-The Messenger

-Blood Red

Alicia Ellis

-Clash of Flesh and Metal

Dharma Kelleher

-Blood and Fire

Mark Nolan

-The Girl Who Escaped

Stephanie Kerr

-Obsidian Queen: Alfheim Chronicles Book One

Erica Sandoval

-Latinx/e in Social Work Volume II

Dax Hunter 

-Elf World 1

-Elf World 2

-Elf World 3

-Elf World 4

-Elf World 5

Quaviondre Williams

-The Bound Potential

Poppy Carter

-Whatever Happened to My Ex

Julles Burn

- Lust Angel

Holly Stone

- Throttle: A Stepbrother Romance

Misha Carver

- Purrfect Chaos

- Purrfect Storm

- Purrfect Harmony

- Billionaire Seeks an Heir #1

- Billionaire Seeks an Heir #2: Unraveled Lives

- Billionaire Seeks an Heir #3: Unforgettable Melody

- Sasha's Storm: Triple Threat

- Light my Fire: Big City Heat #1

- I'm on Fire: Big City Heat #2

- Ring of Fire: Big City Heat #3

- The Christmas Homecoming

- The Christmas Reunion

- Jingle Bell Growl

- Jingle Bell Howl

- Jingle Bell Prowl

Marisa Reiss

- Shane #1 Off to College

- Shane #3 Making the Grade

- Romancing Stone Coming Out Loud Book 1

- Bearing my Burdens

Chera Zade

- Punished by the King

- Conquering the King's Concubine

Ana Lee

- Driving Miss Casey

- Caught in the Crossfire Book 1: A Dangerous Seduction

- Caught in the Crossfire Book 2: Undercover Games

- Caught in the Crossfire Book 3: Breaking News

- Seduced by my Roommate

- Unconventional Business: Fast Times at the Clairmont

Lizzie Lyn Lee

-Tamed: A Dangerous Curves Novella

Wolf Specter

- White Tiger Passion

- White Tiger Seduction

Adriana Jones

-In Bed With the Outlaw

Elly Loughlin 

- Waking Lyra

Vito Zuppardo

- Alluring Lady Luck

- Tales of Lady Luck

Ema Zane

-Lured To The Bear Commune: Kodiak Commune

-Lured To The Bear Commune: Part Two

Michael Sanford

-The Girl With Red Hair


-Perfect Little Ones

Liam Donnelly


-The Ethereal Vision

-The Crystal Tower

Katie Epstein

-Strike at Midnight

Jenna Bernel

-Taste for Blood: Simmer

Michael Evans

- Control Freakz Series

A. Rosaria

- Dead Start

R. A. McGee

-Savage Code: A Porter Novel

-Moving Target: A Porter Novel

-Rough Company: A Porter Novel

-Sanctioned: A Blackthorn Thriller (The Blackthorn Thrillers Book 1)

-Disavowed: A Blackthorn Thriller (The Blackthorn Thrillers Book 2)

-Rogue: A Blackthorn Thriller (The Blackthorn Thrillers Book 3)

-Ghosts: A Blackthorn Thriller

Ava Devlin

-The Somerton Scandals: The Dreamer and the Debutante

-The Somerton Scandals: The Viscount and the Vixen

-The Somerton Scandals: The Hero and the Hellion

-The Marquis, the Minx, and the Mistletoe

-Unmasking the Silver Heiress

-Unveiling the Counterfeit Bride

-Uncaging the Silent Songbird

-Unearthing the Smuggler's Heart

K. C. Ames

-A Beach House to Die For

-A Book to Die For

-A Reality Show to Die For

-An Orchid to Die For

-A Podcast to Die For

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