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TL Swan

-Mr Masters

-Mr Spencer

-Mr Garcia

-The Bonus

Christina Baehr

-Wormwood Abbey

-Drake Hall

-Castle of the Winds

-City of Serpents

Brian Gates 

-Project Reinassance

-Augmented Reality Game

Paulina Ian-Kane

-Six (Angels of Wrath Book 2)

Kevin Moss

- The Realm: Discovery

- The Realm: Return 

- The Realm: Odyssey

Jeff Gunzel

- Land of Shadows

- Siege of Night

- Lost Empire

- Reborn

- The Trials of Ashbarn

- End of Days

- The Shadow

- A Rip in Time

- Of Blood and Blade

- A Rising Storm

- The Hunt

- Shattered Empire

Justin Swapp

- The Magic Shop

I.D. Blind

- Witch Hollow and the Wrong Spell

- Witch Hollow and the Fountain Riddle

- Witch Hollow and the Dryad Princess

- Witch Hollow and the Spider Mistress

Marius Adams

- A Mind of State

- The 2552 Summer Olympics

Ola Wegner

- Mafia

- Her Voice of Reason

-Reduced Circumstances

-August in Derbyshire

Victor González

- 1968 Azteca Insurgency

Khalid Hilali

- Seeking Justice

Charlotte English

- Black Mercury

JD Byrne

- The Water Road

- The Endless Hills

- Bay of Sins

- Gods of the Empire

- Heroes of the Empire

Zach Jenkins

- Game Changing Drive

- The Perfect Catch

Meredith Clarke

- For Bear or For Worse

Steve M.

- The Robespierre Uprising

- The Robespierre Utopia

- The Toleway Escape

- The Last Believer

- Earth 7

-Crime and Consequences

Kathleen McClure and L. Gene Brown

-The Gemini Hustle

Kathleen McClure and Kelley McKinnon

-Soldier of Fortune

-Reversal of Fortune

-Outrageous Fortune

Lane Mason

-Agent Dark: Vegas

Dharma Kelleher

-Blood and Fire

Mike Ryan

-The Porter Complication

-The Porter Predicament

-The Porter Resolution

-The Porter Obstruction

-The Porter Dilemma

-The Porter Incident

Jonathan Paul Isaacs


-Escape Velocity

-Operation Sunburn

-Surface Tension

Robert Fleming

-The Empire's Folly

-War Wings

-The Talon's Fury

-Realms of Tomorrow

-Gods of Gunpowder

-The Fall of Erlon


-Empire of War

-The Shadow's Glare

L. C. Lowe

-Fall of the Pathfinder

-Sins of the Elite

Ingming Aberia

-Miracles of Quiapo

Skyla Gray

-The Nightmare's Kiss

-The Revenant's Heart

A.W. Hartoin

-Dead Companions

-A Trunk, a Canoe, and all the Barbecue

-Old Friends and Fedoras

-So Long Gone

Lauren Quick

- The Mayhem Sisters

- Fly by Midnight

R. Janvier DelValle

- Sword from the Sky I: Blade School of Daví

- Sword from the Sky II: The Endless Night

- The Valentine Circle

Frank Percacciante

- The Forgotten Hero

Ray Ayles

- Love's Promise is Forever

- The Cult of Asthamoth

Hannibal Adofo

- Soliloquy 

Ronnell Porter

- Dragonfly

David Van Zummeren

- Betrayed

Trudy Wassenaar

- An unusual job

- DNA doesn't lie

J Ellen Ross

- A Gift Freely Given

- As Dragons from Sleep

C.C. Ekeke

- Star Brigade: Odysseys - An Anthology

- Star Brigade: The Supremacy

- Star Brigade: Resurgent

- Star Brigade: Ascendant 

- Star Brigade: Maelstrom 

Harry Manners

- Ruin

Ella Adamian

- His Name is Killian

Lynda Belle

- Highlander Bride Taken: Scottish Erotic Tales #1

- Highlander Bride Seduction: Scottish Erotic Tales #2

- Highlander Bride Freedom: Scottish Erotic Tales #3

- Rockin' Him Fierce: Hot Groupies #3

- The Perfect Escort: On Call Series #1

- The Perfect Date: On Call Series #2

- Bordello of Vampire Pleasures 1

- Bordello of Vampire Pleasures 2

- Bordello of Vampire Pleasures 3

- For The Women of Rome: Roman Erotic Tale #1

- The Day I Met Her

- The Night I Met Him

- A Cat For Two

- I'll Be Home For Christmas

Jessica McCrory

- The Phoenix

- The Fighter

- The Sorceress 

Pamela Sparkman

- A Monster Like Me 

Debbie Civil

- Escape

- Hidden

- Talented

- Tranquil

-Unexpected Engagement

-Captive Prince

-Captive Fate

-Brides of Portum Island: Presley

-Damaged Warrior

-Damaged Soul

-Damaged Relic

Marc Landau

- Turtle Cove

Bill Walker

- A Man Out of Time


- The Normandy Club

- D-Notice

Hans Joachim Palm

- Codename Hannibal

-In the Service of the CIA: Dirty Oil Deals

John Etterlee

-The Messenger

-Blood Red

-An Imminent Threat

Alicia Ellis

-Clash of Flesh and Metal

Dharma Kelleher

-Blood and Fire

Mark Nolan

-The Girl Who Escaped

Stephanie Kerr

-Obsidian Queen: Alfheim Chronicles Book One

Dax Hunter 

-Elf World 1

-Elf World 2

-Elf World 3

-Elf World 4

-Elf World 5

Quaviondre Williams

-The Bound Potential

Poppy Carter

-Whatever Happened to My Ex

Julles Burn

- Lust Angel

Holly Stone

- Throttle: A Stepbrother Romance

Misha Carver

- Purrfect Chaos

- Purrfect Storm

- Purrfect Harmony

- Billionaire Seeks an Heir #1

- Billionaire Seeks an Heir #2: Unraveled Lives

- Billionaire Seeks an Heir #3: Unforgettable Melody

- Sasha's Storm: Triple Threat

- Light my Fire: Big City Heat #1

- I'm on Fire: Big City Heat #2

- Ring of Fire: Big City Heat #3

- The Christmas Homecoming

- The Christmas Reunion

- Jingle Bell Growl

- Jingle Bell Howl

- Jingle Bell Prowl

Marisa Reiss

- Shane #1 Off to College

- Shane #3 Making the Grade

- Romancing Stone Coming Out Loud Book 1

- Bearing my Burdens

Chera Zade

- Punished by the King

- Conquering the King's Concubine

Ana Lee

- Driving Miss Casey

- Caught in the Crossfire Book 1: A Dangerous Seduction

- Caught in the Crossfire Book 2: Undercover Games

- Caught in the Crossfire Book 3: Breaking News

- Seduced by my Roommate

- Unconventional Business: Fast Times at the Clairmont

Lizzie Lyn Lee

-Tamed: A Dangerous Curves Novella

Wolf Specter

- White Tiger Passion

- White Tiger Seduction

Adriana Jones

-In Bed With the Outlaw

Elly Loughlin 

- Waking Lyra

Vito Zuppardo

- Alluring Lady Luck

- Tales of Lady Luck

Ema Zane

-Lured To The Bear Commune: Kodiak Commune

-Lured To The Bear Commune: Part Two

Michael Sanford

-The Girl With Red Hair


-Perfect Little Ones

Liam Donnelly


-The Ethereal Vision

-The Crystal Tower

Katie Epstein

-Strike at Midnight

Jenna Bernel

-Taste for Blood: Simmer

A. Rosaria

- Dead Start

R. A. McGee

-Savage Code: A Porter Novel

-Moving Target: A Porter Novel

-Rough Company: A Porter Novel

-Sanctioned: A Blackthorn Thriller (The Blackthorn Thrillers Book 1)

-Disavowed: A Blackthorn Thriller (The Blackthorn Thrillers Book 2)

-Rogue: A Blackthorn Thriller (The Blackthorn Thrillers Book 3)

-Ghosts: A Blackthorn Thriller

Ava Devlin

-The Somerton Scandals: The Dreamer and the Debutante

-The Somerton Scandals: The Viscount and the Vixen

-The Somerton Scandals: The Hero and the Hellion

-The Marquis, the Minx, and the Mistletoe

-Unmasking the Silver Heiress

-Unveiling the Counterfeit Bride

-Uncaging the Silent Songbird

-Unearthing the Smuggler's Heart

K. C. Ames

-A Beach House to Die For

-A Book to Die For

-A Reality Show to Die For

-An Orchid to Die For

-A Podcast to Die For


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