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Celebrating the completion of my BA in English Lit with a big giveaway!

Hi there, dear readers! I know it's been a while. I've been really busy with university, work, and life.

Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to Italy to study Italian. My BA in English Lit requires that I take 6 credits in a foreign tongue, so instead of studying Italian for two semesters in university, I went to Italy on a language and culture trip and did a crash course on basic Italian...and passed my exams! That means I can now graduate with the BA, because those were the only remaining credits I needed to fulfill the requirements for graduation.

I spent 35 wonderful days in Italy, made many friends, had lots of adventures, and even got sick with the flu—most of the 48 students on the trip did!

Okay, so now to get to the point. I'm celebrating in a big way the fact that I get to graduate, by hosting a giveaway! Please head on over to my Facebook page, The Editing Sweetheart, for details. Basically, find the most recent post, and be sure to react to or share the post for a chance to win a proofread of up to 65k words. If certain benchmarks are met, the prize goes up in value, so make sure to share within your writer circles!

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