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Obsidian Queen out now!

Hi, readers! Today I'd like to share a book that's now available on Amazon. I worked on this book and can say it's a great read. And just look at that gorgeous cover! The author is Stephanie Kerr.

Check out the blurb and cover below:


When I’m ambushed by the fae king’s soldiers, I’m forced to make a decision: stay in my village where I’m an outcast or go with the handsome fae warrior and his friends to Alfheim.

Turns out I’m prophesied to save Alfheim from their tyrannical king, my father. I only have five months to fulfill the prophecy. In that time, I must learn to control my elemental magic, train as a warrior, and come to terms with becoming a queen.


I have one goal: dethrone the savage fae king. His dark rule has gone on too long. He has taken my lover, killed my father, and threatens the safety of everyone I care for.

When a seer reveals a prophecy that the king’s halfling illegitimate daughter can save us all, I go to the human lands to bring her to Alfheim—whether she wishes to come or not.

Featuring mildly steamy romance, strong-willed heroines, and alluring heroes, Stephanie Kerr spins a tale of love, family, friendship, and deception. Unexpected alliances, crushing betrayals, and deadly battles make up this medieval dark fantasy tale.


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